Q: Can I get a custom Quatic Life Jacket?
A: Contact us for customization options. We have created several models and/or licensed the technology from Float Tech to other companies in the past and would be happy to assist you.
Q: Why is the Orange-Black Rally Jacket more expensive?
A: All of our standard jackets are made of lightweight, ripstop nylon and have over 30-square-inches of 3M reflective material. However, our Orange-Black Rally jacket is made of a 2-Ply Taslan fabric ideal for taking higher wear and tear. In addition, the jacket has an additional 30-square-inches of 3M SOLAS grade reflective tape. That gives our jacket total of 60-square-inches of reflective material, significantly higher visibility than comparable jackets from our competitors.
Q: Does the Quatic life jacket come in an integrated harness version?
A: For additional versatility of the Quatic design, we have included compatibility to a variety of harness styles. Two harness access points to the outer shell of the outer jacketallow boaters to safely integrate a safety harness into their sailing activities. All that a user needs to do is secure the safety harness first and then don the Float Tech® life jacket. Two access zippers along the main zipper allow for securing a tether to either single or double D-Ring configurations. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT WEAR UNAPPROVED APPAREL OVER THE TOP OF ANY TYPE INFLATABLE such as the Life Jacket, as this can cause SEVERE INJURY if inflated while being restricted by tight clothing or equipment.
Q: Does the Quatic life jacket come in kids' sizes?
A: Currently, the USCG does not have an inflatable life jacket approval standard for children under the age of 16. However, hybrids of inflatables and buoyant foam devices are available on the market. Quatic, however, does offer an inflatable rashguard buoyancy aid that is appropriate for some in-water and on-water activities.
Q: Can I carry on or check my Qyatic Inflatable Vest when I travel on an airline?
A: Although the FAA allows a passenger to carry an inflatable life jacket onto an aircraft, the decision is left to the individual airlines with regard to traveling with CO2 canisters. Contact the airline that you will be using for details on inflatable life jackets policies.
Q: What jackets are approved to use the Quatic Inflatable Vest?
A: Only Quatic All-Weather models are approved for use with the USCG Quatic Inflatable Vest. Be sure that you use the same size liner with the same size jacket (small with small, large with large, etc.): Life vest Model Number OGFT-AR3: Use with Navy-Yellow Orca Gear Outer Jacket Only Life vest Model Number OGFT-AR5: Use with Jacket Models FT302-UBI, FT302-UIA, FT302-UCK, FT302-ULL, FT303-UKE Life vest Model Number FT-HRA-R5: Use with Jacket Models FT302-UBI, FT302-UIA, FT302-UCK, FT302-ULL, FT303-UKE
Q: Can I wear my Quatic Inflatable Vest with other jackets?
A: NO, the Quatic Vest is only designed to fit approved jackets. DO NOT wear it under any other jacket or apparel unless specified by the manufacturer that the apparel is Float Tech® technology compatible. However, the Quatic Vest may be worn OVER other apparel and used as your life preserver.
Q: Where do I send my Quatic Life Jacket for inspection and/or service?
A: We recommend that you send the Quatic Inflatable Vest back to the manufacturer every 24 months for inspection. If you find damage to the Inflatable Vest, also send it in to the manufacturer. Remember, by registering your product with us, you validate your product warranty and can submit the product for servicing to us every two years. Be sure that before each boating season you perform a leak test per your owner's manual. Also, inspect your inflation mechanism and CO2 canister before each boating outing. For service, send your Inflatable Vest to the following address: Attn: Product Inspection FT Systems, Inc. 216 River Street Troy, NY 12180
Q: Can I store my Quatic Life Jacket on the boat or does it need special care?
A: Improper storage and care of a device often is what leads to premature inflations. Storage in hot and humid areas can cause the bobbin to degrade over time and prematurely inflate. Many users of inflatable life jackets tend to treat their inflatable much like a regular life jacket. They store them in areas that are often hot, moist, and poorly ventilated. Over time, these conditions will degrade the bobbin much more quickly, causing the devices to inflate. We recommend that you carry your inflatable life jacket with you and hang it in a closet at home and not store it on your boat, especially while in storage. We also recommend disarming the device when it is not in use for long periods of time, simply by removing the CO2 canister. If the bobbin releases, the inflator will so indicate with RED indicators. But the removal of the CO2 canister prevents the device from inflating. REMEMBER, ALWAYS CHECK THE ARMING STATUS OF YOUR DEVICE BEFORE EACH OUTING and replace the CO2.
Q: How does incorrect arming of the device happen?
A: Incorrect arming of a device is usually caused by incorrectly following the arming procedure or forgetting to put the yellow bobbin within the arming cap. There are many types of auto-inflators and you should consult your owner's manual on the correct arming procedure.
Q: Do "bobbin" type inflators sometime have premature inflations?
A: Nearly all premature inflations occur because of three reasons; incorrect arming of the device, inadequate protection of the inflation mechanism and/or improper storage and care. However, a premature inflation of a device also lets you know it's working. Inadequate protection is usually a result of either using your device in a condition it was not intended for or bad design.
Q: Will rain set off the automatic inflator?
A: The inflator is waterproof and well protected against rain and spray. Only a few small slits on the bottom of the device allow water to access the dissolvable tablet in the bottom of the inflator. The inflator must be submersed in water in order for the tablet to dissolve. Additionally, Quatic's design protects the inflator from any rain or spray with a PVC window.
Q: How long can Quatic keep you afloat if you should fall overboard?
A: 100% of all inflatable lifejackets are tested for a 16-hour period to maintain the proper level of air pressure. However, a conscious victim can keep the inflatable bladder indefinitely inflated using the manual oral tube.
Q: Can the Quatic Inflatable Vest save an unconscious person?
A: Quatic's vest is designed to give a victim an increased chance of survivability. When inflated, which can be automatic in submerged conditions, it will turn a victim's head out of the water to float them at a high and proper angle, increasing the victim's visibility in the water and significantly reducing the chance of drowning.
Q: How can the Quatic All-Weather Jacket save my life?
A: No life jacket can guarantee that a product "will" save your life. But much like wearing a seat belt, wearing a life jacket will significantly increase your chances of survival if you find yourself in a boating/water emergency.
Q: Does higher buoyancy mean a better life jacket?
A: Higher buoyancy doesn't necessarily mean a better life jacket. Quatic is a complete safety unit that can be worn as an Inflatable Vest, a full jacket, or a vest/life vest combo and is USCG-approved in all forms. Other inflatable life jackets are not tested with the test subjects wearing any outerwear, nor do outer apparel companies have an accountability to meet USCG standards. Quatic® does.
Q: What does buoyancy mean for life jackets and why is it important?
A: It's simply the amount of force pushing on the jacket, keeping it above the surface of the water. The average adult has between 7 and 12 lbs of positive buoyancy, which means the force of the water pushing up on the adult is higher than the force pulling down on the person.The buoyancy in life jackets provide the additional assistance needed to keep your head and mouth out of the water, and increase your ability to be seen and saved.
Q: How does Quatic perform compared to inflatables with higher buoyancy?
A: Quatic's key advantage is the inflatable chamber design. We have optimized its size and shape to perform equal to or greater than our competition's. Our superior performance in the water will rapidly turn your head out of the water (max 6 sec), which is the most important lifesaving performance characteristic.
Q: How does the Quatic Life Jacket compare to Float Coats?
A: Float Coats are made from foam and do not generally turn a victim's face up and out of the water. The Quatic jacket does. Additionally, Quatic is not bulky, warm and heavy like a Float Coat, and is versatile enough to be worn in any season or condition.
Q: How does the Quatic Life Jacket compare to foam lifejackets?
A: Quatic is an inflatable. Inflatables have much stricter performance requirements than average foam lifejackets, including significantly more buoyancy, as well as the ability to turn your head out of the water if you are face down and unconscious. A foam TYPE III life jacket must have 15.5 lbs of buoyancy. The same TYPE III inflatable life jacket must offer 22.5 lbs of buoyancy as per USCG standards. Quatic offers 32.6 lbs maximum of buoyancy with CO2 inflation, and 26 lbs when inflated orally.
Q: How are life jackets rated?
A: Life jackets are rated by their minimum buoyancy requirements. However, ours performs at a higher level than required – 26 lbs of buoyancy instead of 22.5 (for a Type III device approved by the USCG). The minimum is established by the amount of buoyancy you must obtain by orally inflating each particular device.
Q: How does the Quatic Life Jacket compare to the competition?
A: Quatic's Life Jacket is less bulky, lighter and more versatile, consolidating three products into one as spring, fall and summer inflatable safety gear. The life vest also features a wider neck design that lays flat on the shoulders for better comfort. Quatic is also the only USCG approved life jacket that can be worn alone or zipped within Quatic qualified apparel.
Q: Is the Quatic Life Jacket Coast Guard Approved?
A: Quatic is the first product with Float Tech technology resulting in a removable USCG-approved Inflatable Vest integrated into outer apparel and retains the USCG certification. Our design also allows for the Inflatable Vest to work independently, as well as underneath the jacket and vest combination. This is a "first" for inflatable life jackets.
Q: How does the Quatic Life Jacket turn my head in the water?
A: Quatic's key advantage is the inflatable chamber design. We have optimized its size and shape to perform equal to or greater than our competition. Our superior performance in the water will rapidly turn your head out of the water (max 6 sec), which is the most important lifesaving performance characteristic.


Q: Why are there two CO2 inflation cartridges instead of one?
A: In rough wave conditions, too much buoyancy can become dangerous due to obstructions in the water (like rocks) or loss of control. The dual stage inflation allows users to release some air and then retain a backup inflation should fatigue set in.
Q: What is the Surf Vest and what activities is it designed for?
A: The Quatic Surf Vest integrates flotation using Float Tech technology to result in a lower-profile, mobility-optimized, two-stage deployable safety tool. Because it encourages free arm movement, it is more comfortable than traditional vests for surfers, paddle boarders and kayakers. Also, two-stage deployment offers more control in rough wave conditions.


Q: What is the Quatic Inflatable Rashguard?
A: Winner of the 2011 Life Jacket Design Contest, Quatic has used Float Tech technology to integrate a flotation device into a comfortable, fashionable rashguard. Riptides, panic, fatigue and accidents often leave water sports enthusiasts in dangerous conditions with the potential to drown. By creating a lower-profile, protective rashguard, Quatic hopes to encourage more usage and save lives.
Q: Can I use the Inflatable Rashguard as a life vest on my boat?
A: The Quatic Inflatable Rashguard is NOT a substitute for USCG-approved life jackets. It is a recreational-wear safety measure meant to stopgap the space between life jacket use and sports mobility where no protection is currently used or required by law.
Q: How does the Quatic Rashguard inflate?
A: The Quatic Rashguard can be manually inflated in case of an emergency using a small CO2 container deployed by ripcord or by mouth, while still providing the sun and skin protection that you would expect from any rashguard.
Q: What sizes do they come in? Can my kids wear a Quatic Surf Vest?
A: The Quatic Surf Vest is meant for ages 10 to adult and is available in sizes S to 3XL.
Q: Why does anyone need an inflatable rashguard?
A: Rashguards are comfortable, fashionable wear common with everyone from children to surfers for their sun and abrasion protection. Adding flotation to them encourages safety from riptide fatigue, panic and wipeouts. By integrating flotation into a rashguard, Quatic lets users remain casually comfortable in their given activity with more peace of mind.


Q: Can I use Float Tech technology in my company's apparel?
A: Float Tech is available for licensed use and consultation about future design integration. Please use the contact information on the Float Tech page of this website to find out more.
Q: Why is Float Tech unique?
A: Float Tech holds the patent on integrating clothing with flotation devices. Our company offers the first jacket that integrates a removable USCG-approved Inflatable Vest into outer apparel while retaining the USCG certification. Float Tech technology also has integrated flotation into rashguards for additional water safety and designed a two-stage deployable surf vest for sporting use.
Q: Where can I find Float Tech technology in use?
A: Available for licensing, Float Tech is currently available only in Quatic brand apparel. For images of Quatic apparel in use and some information on current users, see our As-Seen-In page on this website.
Q: What is Float Tech?
A: Float Tech® is the patented integration of life vest technology within outerwear. By incorporating flotation within apparel, Float Tech creates more wearable, functional clothing that can help save lives.