3-Part System with Removable Life Vest

Quatic is the world’s first all-weather jacket system featuring a Float Tech® integrated and removable USCG Approved life vest. Designed for low-profile, comfortable use, the life vest can be set to automatically deploy upon submersion ordeploy manually and features self-righting capabilities in case of unconsciousness. Wear the life vest alone, under the shell or unzip* the sleeves for a shore-friendly look. Wear it for fun. Wear it for work. Wear it for Life.


Float Tech Jackets are waterproof, breathable and extremely versatile.

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*Orange/Black 2 Ply Taslan Jackets do not have zip off sleeves, other color combinations do.

Two thirds of all boating accident victims have drowned. Of those victims, 90% were not wearing a life jacket of any kind. Of recorded incidents where an individual falls overboard or boat capsizes, 44% lead to a fatality. So keep in mind, if you find yourself in one of these two situations, without flotation you have only a 55% chance of survival. Our goal is to change those odds with more wearable flotation for commercial workers, professionals, sailors, sportsmen, fishermen, law enforcement, state agencies and recreational users.