Life Saving, Low-Profile Flotation

The Quatic Inflatable Rashguard combines the sun and skin protection of a comfortable, fashionable water shirt with Float Tech integrated flotation to help safeguard athletes, children and sports enthusiasts from the risk of drowning. Deployed orally or via a pull cord, the bladder can provide eight to thirteen pounds of buoyancy in case of injury, fatigue, cramping, panic and/or accidental immersions. Wear the rashguard anywhere a regulation life-vest is not required yet peace of mind and increased safety are welcome. Available in child through adult sizes.

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The Quatic Inflatable Rashguard is most appropriate for use in amateur surfing, paddleboarding, canoeing, paddling, swimming, fishing and any activity near water. Its lower-profile blend of traditional rashguard comfort with emergency flotation makes it a potential life saver even in poorly supervised areas, large wave conditions, fast moving water and wherever riptides may be present. The only protection that can save your life is the one that gets worn.