Inflatable Surf Vest- Quote from Jeff Clark:

"Working with Quatic gave me the opportunity to fine tune a flotation device, designed for the demands of big waves. With the combination of Quatic’s expertise and my experience in big wave surfing, we now have an inflatable surf vest that I can easily use in the most extreme situations. The unique design of the vest gives the user complete control and flexibility in all climates and conditions."

For professionals who work on and near water, serious athletes and casual sports enthusiasts of all ages – the only protection that can save someone from drowning is the one that gets worn.

May, 2016

Linda Holcomb

My husband and I are recreational kayakers.  The only thing that would put a damper on our excursions was my being so uncomfortable with my floatation vest.  Even though the vest was the correct size and was adjusted appropriately, it always moved up on my body and made me feel like I was choking, so I would disconnect the topmost tie.   This did not, however, eliminate my vest from having to be pulled down to a more comfortable position.  Over the years, I would continue to look at floatation vests in stores like LL Bean, Cabelas, etc. and could never find one that would not have the same problems as the one I had. 

A number of years ago, I heard about the Float Tech Auto Inflatable Vest.  As I finally had enough of my current vest, I did more research on the Float Tech.  It sounded like it was exactly what I needed.  I ordered the single vest (core) as I would not require the outer jacket for my kayaking use.  I contacted Float Tech to help me set it up, which they graciously did right over the telephone.  My kayaking days are now filled with being extremely comfortable.  The Float Tech Auto Inflatable Vest has given me the freedom that I had been looking for.

May, 2016

Ron Newman

Surfing and kiteboarding San Francisco ocean beach and other breaks along the Northern Ca. coast can be very dangerous on large swells. The rip currents are very powerful and constantly change. I have been very fortunate to have the Quatic Inflatable Rashguard to keep me afloat when ever I break a leash or loose my board. The amazing thing about the Quatic Inflatable Rashguard is that it does not restrict your ability to paddle or move and has plenty of floatation. I never go out on big days without my Quatic Inflatable Rashguard.

May, 2016

Holly Durand

“I really enjoy the Float-Tech life vest for a few reasons, including that it is not bulky like traditional vests, which I feel make it harder to be comfortable and move around. I love the tech in it, and that it feels safer to me.”

August, 2015

Captain Howie Kaplan

I just wanted to pass on how happy I am with my Float Tech jacket. As the owner of Sea Tow operations on Lakes in NC, SC, and VA, I am out on the water helping customers all year long. I have had my Floattech jacket for many years now and season after season I rely on the performance of the jacket to keep me warm and dry in the colder months all while incorporating the necessary inflatable to keep me safe in the event of an emergency. The jacket looks great and has the functionality I need as a professional on the water.

Thanks again

June, 2015

Master Captain Brian Klawitter

I'm a Catfish/Lake Sturgeon guide. I take my clients out at night on the Mississippi River. As a commercial charter business, The US Coast Guard requires me to have Type 1 PFD's on board for each client. You know the big square orange ones? The ones that I won't wear much less my clients.

I saw the Float Tech brand at a trade show here in Minneapolis. They looked perfect for my clients while out on the river. Since that day, I've require my clients to wear a Float Tech vest or when weather appropriate the vest and the shell for our whole outing. My USCG required Type 1 PFD's are tucked nicely away in the bow of the boat to stay legal but those will not help my clients or me if one of us falls in.

Isn't it funny the Coast Guard would rather have a PFD on board that no one will wear than a Float Tech auto inflate PFD that's easy to forget you're wearing! In fact I've had to call two different clients to bring them back after our trips. They forgot they were wearing them. With their broad shoulders, they are just the most comfortable PFD I've come across and if it's not worn, a PFD is pretty much useless.

There are some that worry about the vests inflating when they are in rain. I can tell you I've been in down pours on the river and never have I had an accidental discharge. I've tested them to see how fast they will inflate and it's faster then a person can say "how did I fall in"!

For me whether guiding or recreational boating, with the comfort of today's Float Tech PFD's there isn't a reason to be on the water without one.

June, 2015

Brooke Welch - Houston Pilots

The Float Tech Inflatable Life Jacket always looks great and I know the guys really like the fact that it is a multifunctioning jacket and it can be worn in all weather conditions.

For me, I really like the fact that we have a dependable company and product that we are dealing with. I feel like I always have constant communication with you and you have exceeded all expectations that we had when we started doing business with you.

Thank you for being there for us and we look forward to many more years of great service!

Inflatable Rash Guard from EL April 2015

Life long body boarder and surfer from VA Beach, never been any good just love having fun. Recently in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic surfing and in water to advanced for me and at 43 realized I wasn’t as strong a swimmer as I use to be or remember. The Rash Guard is an awesome product for me to feel confident and continue the hobby. Picked on up for my 13 year old son while teaching him to surf and although he is a strong swimmer I can feel better about him out there in case he panic’s in a riptide . Awesome product!

June 12, 2013

Tim Dufel – Principle – NYS Marine Highway Transportation CO., LLC

Inflatable life vest -Testimonial: “Your vest saved my life. I was working moving docks from the Port of Albany to the Corning Preserve. We were taking the row of docks alongside our crane barge from the port and I was on the forward dock section giving watch to the tug captain. As we increased speed the angled dock started to submerge and threw me into the river in front of the barge. The Float-Tech vest inflated immediately keeping me buoyant in front of the barge. I never went under. In fact, my glasses never fell off. This is a great design. The vest is comfortable to use which makes people use it correctly. Thank you for your innovation. I think it may have saved my life.”

2013 - Vernon D’Eon Lobster Plugs Ltd/Nova Scotia Commercial Fishing Industry– Lobster-man Olen d’Entremont & Boat “Total Chaos”

“We don't leave the wharf without wearing the float - tech inflatable vest.”


Float-Tech – Testimonial 2013 – T Parker Host – ship agents and brokers- Peter Hansen

“Our company commitment to safety includes the constant use of your coats [inflatable life jackets] in every office from Philadelphia to Corpus Christi.”

Inflatable Rashguard 2013 – Chris Koerner – Veteran paddleboard racer and SUP pioneer 

"The Quatic Inflatable Rashguard is a fantastic device for the novice to experienced paddler.  It's much more comfortable than standard PFDs as you don't have to deal with added bulk from flotation panels or shoulder & waist straps that can loosen up and inhibit your strokes.  Add in the benefit of getting sun protection and you've got a simple & efficient product that keeps you warm and provides an added layer of safety out on the water."  

January 16, 2011

Float-Tech product saves Sailor off coast of SC;

Highlighted as best save story in 2010 by National Safe Boating Council: Click Here for Full Article.